Our Grapes Produce Award Winning Wines
at Parley Lake Winery

Parley Lake Winery is located at Deardorff Orchards and Vineyards. We began planting grapevines in 2005. We currently have 5 acres of vineyards, and over 3000 grapevines. Our wagon rides to pick apples tour both the orchards and vineyards. You are welcome to walk and take pictures anytime, but please don't pick the grapes!

We grow these five wine grape varieties on over 3000 vines:

Frontenac Gris
La Crescent
St. Pepin

We are in the wine belt of the world. Minnesota and France have the same latitude, 45 degrees. This means we get the same amount of sunlight and the same angle of sunlight as Burgundy, France (east of Paris) and the Russian River Valley, California. The difference is that we have Parley Lake and Lake Waconia, while France has the Atlantic Ocean and California has the Pacific Ocean. Large bodies of water have a huge impact on the surrounding land masses. That impact is on the length of the growing season as well as the low temeratures during winter.

France and Napa Valley have bloom in March. We have bloom in May. Our growing season is about 90 days shorter, and we can get a hard freeze in late September. Our winters are also significantly colder. Therefore anything we plant in the ground has to be able to survive 30 degrees below zero.